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AEROJETWAY  is proud to offer to all our carriers and individuals our VIP Meet & Greet services, ensuring special assistance smooth transits in all Spanish Airports. This service has been highly accepted by our customers and any individual can contract it, starting to be very popular amongst celebrities traveling throughout Spain.


We welcome passengers at the aircraft door, escort them through the airport until they reach the arrival area, where the transfer will be waiting for them.

Our Services in the arrival:

Meet the client at the aircraft door 
Go through Immigration (if required depending on the origin) 
Arrange baggage porters to help with the checked-in or hold luggage 
Liaise with driver to agreed meeting point at the arrival area and release passenger for hotel accommodation.


We welcome passengers at the aircraft door, escort them through the airport until their departing flight.

Our Services when in transit

Meet the customers at the aircraft door 
Escort the customers to VIP lounges or Departure area 
Walk the client to the departure gate and board first or last (as per client preferences) 
In case passengers need to be rechecked-in, accompany them to collect their luggage, check them in and escort them to the departure area/lounge.


We welcome the passengers at their arrival of the airport, escort them through the security and Immigration control point until their departure flight zone.

Our Services in departures

Pre-assign seating and any special meal if requested.
Request pre-check-in if possible 
Liaise with driver or tour manager to meet at the airport. Arrange baggage porters if required.
Meet customer and escort them to check in desks, also assist them when checking-in . Ensure the customer is checked in all the way through (if in transit) 
Walk them to the VIP lounge (if entitled) and/or departure gate

Our clients

About us

“Aerojetway Airport Services is an independent company operating since 1995 performing airline representation, station management and handling supervision for airlines operating in all mayor Spanish Airports. We can also supply you with our services of Representation, Airport slots and Traffic rights coordination.

Also we can arrange our Meet & Greet unique service at any airport in Spain. We will Meet and Greet during arrivals, transit and departure that VIP passenger that has contract this service.”


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