Representation and Handling Supervision

Representation of your airline in Spain,  acting before the Spanish CAA, AENA, Caterers, Fuel suppliers, Handling Agents. Financial Services: Checking bills and arranging payments on behalf of your company with hotels, caterers, airport administration (taxes, handling fees, etc…) Traffic rights / Airports Slots

Passenger services

Aerojetway is authorized by the Spanish CAA to do passenger Handling in Madrid, Palma de Mallorca and Barcelona airport respectively. 
Our passenger assistance includes:

Flight Re-confirmation and general enquiries. 
Special assistance requests on arrival, ensuring your handling agents is aware of these special requirements supplying all the necessary information applying to: UM, Wheel chair 
Check-in: Ensuring your handling agent all the proceedings in accordance with your contractual agreements. 
Verifying: Flight coupons, travel documents, hold luggage and cabin bags acceptation, also providing passengers with all the information concerning their flight and final destination. 
Departure and gate control. 
Lost and found: Assisting passengers whose luggage could have been missed or damaged, helping to fill out PIR forms and keeping them informed at all times. 
Passenger Assistance in case of delays, overbooking, flight disruptions etc, arranging hotel accommodation, snacks, meals, dinners, etc. in accordance with the carrier’s standard policies. 
Excess bags fees collection.

Ramp supervision

Baggage sorting supervision. 
Aircraft loading in accordance with load instructions supplied by handling agent or carrier. 
Cleaning and catering supervision 
Re-fuelling supervision.

Airside operations-traffic

Ensuring theHandling Agent is aware of all the data related to the operation such as aircraft type, seating plan and cabin configuration, passenger´s forecast, timetables, etc.. 
Operational assistance: ATC flight plan filling, Flight Watch, CTOT requests and co-ordination. 
Deliver to the operating Captain the operational Flights Plan, as well as meteo information, NOTAMs and all other required documents needed to carry out the flight. 
Supplyingthe Handling Agent with all data required regarding load and fuel instructions needed to achieve the Load and Trim sheet, and correct it if needed. 
Communications and operational messages: MVT, LDM, PSM, PTM, etc..( message management to be sent or corrected if needed.) 
Ground to cockpitCommunication: Start ups and Pushback Assistance. 
24 hour operation.

Our clients

About us

“Aerojetway Airport Services is an independent company operating since 1995 performing airline representation, station management and handling supervision for airlines operating in all mayor Spanish Airports. We can also supply you with our services of Representation, Airport slots and Traffic rights coordination.

Also we can arrange our Meet & Greet unique service at any airport in Spain. We will Meet and Greet during arrivals, transit and departure that VIP passenger that has contract this service.”


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